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Knowing my research interests, and that I run this blog, I often have family and friends finding and passing on to me photos of ancient architecture and art. Here is a set of photos from my grandparents (taken in the early 80s judging from the fashion) of examples of classical architecture.

The first image is of the Parthenon in Athens, dedicated to the goddess Athena. Arguably the most significant building remaining from Classical Greece, the Parthenon, the zenith of the Doric order, was constructed from 447 BCE.

The remaining four photos are taken at Ephesus in Turkey, which was a highly important Roman province of Asia Minor. A magnificent road, lined with columns, ran through the city to the harbour -its remains are visible in the second and fourth photos. The harbour of Ephesus severed as a natural landing-point from Rome, and also as a great export centre. Due to the silting process which has been at work for centuries, the sea is now 10 km away from the site.

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Elizabeth TaylorUnidentifiedIrene Fredette, American, b. 1916Elizabeth Taylor, American, b. England 1932 - 2011
ca. 1952gelatin silver print with applied (Flexichrome) colorImage / Overall: 43 x 35 cmNational Origin: United States
Gift of Irene Fredette


Elizabeth Taylor
Irene Fredette, American, b. 1916
Elizabeth Taylor, American, b. England 1932 - 2011
ca. 1952
gelatin silver print with applied (Flexichrome) color
Image / Overall: 43 x 35 cm
National Origin: United States
Gift of Irene Fredette